Palliative Care Queensland

Palliative Care Queensland Launches Common Journey Pathways

Palliative Care Queensland is delighted to launch Common Journey pathways, a series of 13 vignettes that explore the step-by-step pathway from diagnosis to end-of-life.

The 13 common journey pathways created for 7 local government areas (Townsville, Richmond, Flinders, Hinchinbrook, Charters Towers, Burdekin and the Palm Island) personify and visually explain common journeys for people in particular areas in relation to serious illness, dying, death and grief. They are intended to support communities, carers, patients and their loved ones, as they explore how different initiatives could benefit or improve someone’s journey, acting as a key resource in education, group discussions or planning meetings.

Developed by Palliative Care Queensland through desktop data mapping refined by consulting with 37 specialist and generalist palliative care and community service providers across the local government areas, we will use of these pathways in education and service planning throughout the Townsville Area to influence, foster and promote quality palliative care for all Queenslanders.

This project is supported by Northern Queensland PHN.

You can download the common journey maps here under the Resources  section: CELC Townsville | Palliative Care QLD

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