Palliative Care Queensland

We help the dying and grieving in more ways than one

Palliative care is human-centric by nature. We care about a person’s physical, spiritual, emotional and social needs as they navigate the last chapter of their life. We understand that every person’s journey is as unique as they are.

We think about the needs of our patients and their loved ones – from the moment of their diagnosis to their death. And how they change throughout the journey.

Every day, people of all ages are diagnosed with life-limiting illnesses. But as our population ages, so does the increase in demand for palliative care, so it’s more important than ever for all communities to have access to palliative care.

When it comes to supporting those living with or supporting those with a life-limiting illness, everyone has a role to play. We’re passionate about building a compassionate community around palliative care patients so their final days are lived to the fullest.

Those living with life-limiting illness should always feel empowered to voice their concerns and enjoy independence and privacy. And we believe everyone has the right to a dignified death regardless of their illness, age, culture, religion or location.

Palliative care isn’t about hastening or postponing death, in fact it’s quite the opposite. We focus on helping people with a life-limiting illness continue to live their life as fully and comfortably as possible.

We all have different beliefs, perspectives and needs and this doesn’t change when we’re diagnosed with a life-limiting illness. No two person’s palliative care journey is the same.

It truly takes a village to care for someone who is navigating the final stages of their life.

Carers are a vital part of the palliative care team. Carers provide a range of support, including assistance to navigate health and other services which advocate for the right and needs of their loved ones or patient. Therefore, it is important that they are given the resources needed and feel supported throughout the palliative care journey.

Palliative care is officially recognised as a human right by both the United Nations and World Health Organisation. This means that palliative care should be provided within integrated health services and that all patients with life-limiting illnesses are entitled to non-discrimination and equality.

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