Palliative Care Queensland

Dying to Know Day 2022

Today, 8th August 2022, is ‘Dying to Know Day,’ an annual campaign that aims to normalise the stigma associated with death.

Palliative Care Queensland know how difficult discussing the topic of death, dying and end-of-life planning is for many people. Dying to Know Day, is the perfect opportunity to ‘get dead set’ and begin those challenging conversations, with these simple steps to plan for end-of-life:

  1. Capture your choices in writing. Like a will, substitute decision-maker and guidance on your social media or organ donation. These could be documents, or as simple as a text or scribble on a serviette to start.
  2. Have conversations with loved ones and others so they understand your wishes – and you understand theirs.
  3. Prepare your send-off. Share what you want it to look like so you can be celebrated and remembered in line with your wishes.
    Why? The benefits of being ‘dead set’ and prepared for end-of-life include:
    •   Have a ‘good’ death which reflects what mattered in life.
    •   Have conversations to ease the anguish of loved ones through the distress, uncertainty, and finality of death.
    •   Leave a positive legacy that is consistent with how we want to be remembered.
    •   Have their lives celebrated/remembered the way they choose.

Palliative Care Queensland provide information, support, advocacy and education to the community and health professionals, about death, dying and bereavement. We know the importance of campaigns such as Dying to Know day in empowering Australians at all stages of life to live and die well. To find out more about Dying to Know Day or access resources here.

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