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Ambulance Wish Queensland Helps Daniel Share a Sunny Bayside Morning

For Daniel Cho, moving to Brisbane began a love affair with the region that culminated in a wish to visit Redcliffe’s Suttons Beach and create forever memories with his family. Originally from Hong Kong, Daniel moved to Brisbane in 2002 to study Mechanical Engineering at QUT and immediately found friendship and joy in his new surroundings. 

I had a very happy life at QUT, making lots of friends, enjoying playing and watching football, cards or going fishing. There were lots of late and sleepless nights, and time flew, but the memories have lasted forever.” 

“I was also very sporty and loved the Aussie ocean lifestyle, swimming, scuba diving, boating and fishing whenever I could.” 

For Daniel’s last wish, his love of the sea saw him gather with his fiancee Shirley, parents Rita and Patrick and sisters Jojo and Sarah on Suttons Beach on a beautiful, sunny Bayside morning. Surrounded by those he loved the most, it was clear to see the joy that surrounded the family as they spent time together in a place that was special for all of them. 

It was also a way for Daniel to thank his family, who has been with him throughout his illness; his fiancee Shirley, who takes care of him on a day to day basis and his mum, Rita, who moved from Hong Kong to assist with care and support. 

Ambulance Wish Queensland would like to thank our partners for this wish, St Vincent’s Private Hospital Brisbane, Queensland Health, Queensland Ambulance Service, and our fantastic wish team of Wendy, Jason, Kristy, Richard and Jennifer. 

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