Palliative Care Queensland

We’re here to uplift, inspire & support

We know that facing a life limiting illness is one of the most difficult things anyone can experience. But remember, you are not alone.

We welcome you into our community if you’re here seeking information, searching for understanding or simply looking for support. Together, we’ll walk this path, connecting you to services and providing you with information to guide you on this journey.

No matter your age or stage of life, you can ask your doctor to introduce you to a palliative care doctor, nurse or social worker who’ll help you consider and prepare your holistic journey. This allows you to prioritise and organise what matters most to you, like your spiritual, financial, social and medical needs that should be taken into account. Conversations around your healthcare and your will should be prioritised so that your wishes are upheld.

Advance care planning

As your health needs change make sure that your loved ones and health providers know what matters most to you and respect your preferences for treatment. To ensure this make sure you have an advanced care plan in place.

Our trusted resources

Discover the resources you need, connect with a community that cares, and find the support to live each day to the fullest.

Making a will

Start to think about what you would like to happen with your money, belongings and other assets when you pass away. The best way to let your family, friends and other loved ones know is to make a will.

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