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Shining Star Award 2023 Winner, AWQld Fundraising Support – Jessica Bell

PCQ’s Volunteer Village Shining Star Awards 2023

Today, Wednesday 17th May, in celebration of National Volunteer Week, Palliative Care Queensland Inc. is recognising another winner of the PCQ Volunteer Village Shining Star Awards for 2023.

Congratulations to Jessica Bell Recipient of the Volunteer Fundraiser Award for volunteering with the Ambulance Wish Queensland Program in helping to raise funds and awareness for the program.

Why do I volunteer?

Palliative care patients often have unfulfilled dreams and wishes due to their illness and limited mobility. The Ambulance Wish Queensland program provides these patients with an opportunity to experience a special day outside of the hospital or creating a special moment onsite at their home or in hospital whilst creating lasting memories for their loved ones. By raising funds and awareness, more patients can have their final wishes fulfilled, brining them comfort, joy and a sense of fulfillment.

Why palliative care?

There a lot of stigma that surrounds death and palliative care. The Ambulance Wish Program is breaking down those barriers to provide patients with deeply personal and fulfilling wishes. The program is a powerful reminder of how simple things can bring joy and peace to a recipient and their family. By raising awareness and funds for this program we can help alleviate the burden on families and caregivers by offering them a chance to focus on creating beautiful moments with their loved ones.

What do you enjoy about volunteering?

I’ve worked as a paramedic for the QAS for 14 year and due to operational demands I’m not able the afford palliative patients the time required to deliver a holistic care model. I’ve always wished that I could do more, and this program was the answer. Being involved in a wish, there is so much positive energy in the room, for a moment death is forgotten and there is only love. I can’t think of better way to elevate a persons end of life experience.



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