Palliative Care Queensland

Dr Noritta Morseu-Diop is a First Nations woman originally from Tamwoy Town, Thursday Island in Far North Queensland. As a highly experienced academic, social worker and counselling practitioner, Dr Noritta has been working in and alongside Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and within non-Indigenous communities throughout the state of Queensland for well over thirty years.


Dr Norrita reflects back on many decades of practice, noting how developing grief skills early in our lives can help to bring us into a deeper connection with each other, the more than human world, and with our own sense of purpose and connection to life itself. Sharing long-held knowledge from First Nation people’s in Australia and elsewhere, Dr Noritta reminds listeners of how people carrying grief in their bodies may, in turn, be held by the welcoming body of the earth through gentle acts of ritual, remembering and reconnection.

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