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Introducing Grief Tending, our new video podcast series

In partnership with Hummingbird House, Palliative Care Queensland is delighted to launch Grief Tending, a video podcast series interviewing leading practitioners, educators and professionals from across the globe. The series offers education, support and insight for people who are (or will be) in a caregiving role to anyone who is grieving and is relevant for both professional and non-professional care givers.

With a focus on humanising the experience of grief and the role that everyone in community can hold, Grief Tending is a unique online resource which seeks to cultivate our collective community capacity for being alongside people who are grieving in supportive ways.

Curated by Elham Day from Hummingbird House, the Grief Tending series features two distinct streams exploring diverse community and health professional perspectives. Each conversation interviews a subject matter expert or long-time grief practitioner drawn from our global community of care, with episodes being released on an ongoing basis throughout 2023.

Key topics and information

  • Practical supports for tending to the experience of grief.
  • Reflections on collective community grief tending (schools, neighbourhoods)
  • Grief rituals: tending to aspects of grief beyond words
  • Holistic and philosophical perspectives on grief
  • Grief across the lifespan, from the very young to the elderly
  • Unpacking some typically ‘westernised’ societal myths about grief


The following episodes are intended for community members who are (or will be) seeking to offer practical care and support to bereaved friends, colleagues, or relatives. These episodes encourage reflection and exploration of the ways we think about grief ourselves, as well as how we relate to people who have experienced bereavement.

Healthcare Professionals

The following episodes are intended for healthcare professionals or volunteers who are working alongside grieving patients, clients, families and communities. These episodes explore some specific aspects of professional caregiving, acknowledging the grief that professionals encounter at work as they care for others, as well as exploring resources for continuing our own grief care.

Additional support

While this podcast series is exploring normalizing grief as a natural part of human experience, if after watching these videos you feel you could benefit from talking to someone, we encourage you to reach out to a trusted friend, colleague or family member for a chat. If for any reason you don’t feel as though this is a supportive option for you, there are also some professional services that are available free of charge, which are listed below.

Phone, online resources and grief support groups

8am – 8pm/ Monday – Friday

1300 845 745

Information and compassionate support to those dealing with a life-limiting illness

7am – 7pm/7 days

1800 772 273

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