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Ambulance Wish Queensland Creates Forever Memories for Four Generations

For four generations of a Brisbane family, forever memories were created from a last wish from matriarch Naomi Puf, who desired nothing more than to spend time with her daughters, granddaughters and to meet her three week old great-grandson, Ezra, for the first time.

Born in 1929, in Columbo, Sri Lanka, Naomi is a global citizen, world traveler, retired professional dancer, and lover of singing and cooking. But for Naomi, family is always in her heart and from where she has drawn her strength over the years. Mother to 5, Grandmother to 7 and Great Grandmother to 5, Naomi’s family is spread across Sri Lanka, Germany, UK, and Australia where she has been since 2018 with her daughter Tamara and son-in-law Brian.

Ambulance Wish Queensland’s Wish Coordinator, Jason Dingli takes up the story “Naomi is an incredible woman. Someone who has lived life to the full, who made every second count and wanted to spend her last wish surrounded by those who matter to her the most.”

“In Sri Lankan culture, family is hugely important, so as soon as we received a referral from St Vincent’s Private Hospital Brisbane regarding Naomi’s wish, we did everything we could to make it come true.”

“For our team to see four generations of a family share a special moment is something that we are very fortunate to be a part of, and is a reminder to everyone about how precious it is to share time with those we love.” Deputy Premier and Minister for Health and Ambulance Services Steven Miles said the work Ambulance Wish Queensland does is very special.

“Terminally ill Queenslanders are able to achieve wishes they would otherwise be unable to complete, thanks to the wonderful Ambulance Wish Queensland team,” Mr Miles said.

“How wonderful is it that Naomi will get to spend time, surrounded by her family, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

“The wonderful volunteers helping make this happen are truly one of a kind health heroes, and I want to thank them and Palliative Care Queensland for the important, invaluable work they do.”

Oli Steele, Chief Executive Officer of St Vincent’s Private Hospital Brisbane was delighted to be involved, “My team and I feel incredibly privileged to be part of this special day for Naomi,’ said Mr Steele.

“St Vincent’s has been providing palliative care to Queenslanders since the 1950s. The collaboration we have with Palliative Care Queensland, Queensland Health and Ambulance Wish Queensland has enabled us to create special memories for so many of our patients.”

‘I would like to thank all those involved for making Naomi’s wish possible.”

Transported from St Vincent’s Private Hospital at Kangaroo Point to the family home in Pallara in Betty, Ambulance Wish Queensland’s Wish Ambulance, donated by Queensland Ambulance Service and supported by our wish team of staff and volunteers including, Wendy, Linda, QAS Paramedics Amy and John, and Anissa, it was a privilege for all involved to create a special day for the family.

For a family of Sri Lankan heritage, sharing a moment together connected by their love is something that they will treasure and remember forever

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