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Qld Compassionate Communities

Loss | Ageing | Dying  | Grief

Queensland Compassionate Communities

Building & nurturing networks around Queenslanders at the end of life

Our Vision

Our vision is to hear community members say:
"I live in a community where everybody recognises that we all have a role to play in supporting each other in times of loss, ageing, dying and grief.

We are ready, willing and confident to have conversations about living, ageing, dying and grieving well, and to support each other in emotional and practical ways."

Our Ambitions

  • A community which respects and values ageing
  • Queenslanders are more resilient to loss (all ages)
  • A more death literate Queensland
  • A more compassion literate Queensland
  • Available (professional and voluntary) networks that care for their communities when needed, particularly resulting in:
    • increased ability to die in the place of choice
    • reduced unplanned hospital admissions and hospital length of stay.

QCC Focus Areas

  • Building partnerships and enhancing existing partnerships with local community groups and key organisations
  • Identifying existing community groups and key organisations and helping them to understand what they could do to support their community members at the end of life
  • Developing resources / projects to help support existing community groups and key organisations to support their community members at the end of life
  • Working with existing community groups and key organisations to establish and implement a Queensland Compassionate Communities charter/guidelines
  • Being a central body to showcase & link compassionate communities in Queensland together
  • Establishing a recognisable community focused brand for PCQ.

QCC Advisory Group

The QCC Advisory Group provides expert advice to Palliative Care Queensland (State Council and Staff Team) and the QCC Alliance about the prioritisation, development and implementation of Queensland Compassionate Communities initiatives.


  • Understanding of the principles of Compassionate Communities
  • Interest in the development and growth of Compassionate Communities throughout Queensland
  • Skills/experience relevant to assisting Queensland Compassionate Communities to meet its goals
  • Current Professional or Community Member of Palliative Care Queensland
  • Available to commit to a two year term on the QCC Advisory Group and attend Advisory Group meetings
  • Resident of Queensland.
 QCC Advisory Group Members
  • John Rosenberg
  • Annette Lourigan
  • Deborah Prior
  • Ellen O'Connor
  • Kadie Cheney
  • Sharon Tregoning
  • Elham Day
  • Rianne Uijttewaal
  • Helen Wickman
  • Jan Charman
  • Kerry Egan
  • Jason Mills
  • Terry Ayling

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