Palliative Care Queensland

Palliative Care Heart Pin


Support those who deliver Palliative Care in Queensland and the people and families they look after.

Magnetic Orange Heart.



The ‘orange heart’ has been seen and used universally as a symbol for care and friendship. It is seen as being ‘heart-warming and encouraging’ and used as a symbol of ‘always being there for me’ – values that connect with palliative care.  

This pin helps raise awareness and start conversations about quality of life at the end of life.

Any money raised is directed towards support, advocacy, and policy initiatives that help deliver palliative care to Queenslanders

Please note: Sales of these pins via our website are for Queensland residents only and will not be posted outside of Queensland.

If you reside in another state we encourage you to contact your local palliative care peak body to purchase fundraising pins. 

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