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Palliative Care Queensland Welcomes new Fraser Coast Hospice

Palliative Care Queensland has welcomed the opening of the 9th Queensland’s hospice for World Hospice and Palliative Care Day 2021, saying the facility will have a critical role to play in providing vital care and support for our regional Queenslanders.

The Hospice is a high-quality 6-bed facility in Hervey Bay that will provide a free service for any family with a loved one with a terminal illness of any type.

Palliative Care Queensland CEO, Shyla Mills, attended today’s opening and congratulated the Fraser Coast Hospice Association on their achievements.

 “It was a pleasure to attend the opening of The Fraser Coast Hospice today and to see the culmination of many years work by the Fraser Coast community come together with the support of other Queensland Hospices to open the 9th Hospice in Queensland. Queensland is Hospice capital in Australia, we are delighted to have both Hospice-Homes and Hospice-in-Home models in Queensland, grown from their local community who recognise the need for additional palliative care.

This is our fifth regional hospice in Queensland (Toowoomba, two in the Sunshine Coast, Gympie and now Hervey Bay). Their local community has been dropping off donations, gifts and volunteer applications for the past few month and it demonstrates the compassionate community in the region. Hospices models provide an additional choice in peoples care at the end phase of life. Unfortunately for many, palliative care remains a postcode lottery, but for residents of the Fraser Coast, access to quality palliative care has taken a significant step forward today.

Palliative Care Queensland, our State Council and community of care congratulates The Fraser Coast Hospice Association on their achievements and praises their commitment and resilience which has seen almost 3 years of work become a reality.

With plans to expand to a hospice-in-the-home model and increase their hospice beds in the future, today is a landmark day for palliative care on the Fraser Coast and we look forward to working with the Fraser Coast Hospice Team as they continue to support palliative care in their region,” said Ms Mills.

“Fraser Coast, this is our Hospice. We have had over 5000 hours of volunteering in the past 3 years, federal and local regional council funding as well as community donations. We have a dedicated and gifted team of board members, staff and volunteers.” Hospice Founder, Jasine Leslie.

Queensland now boasts the most hospices of any state and with plans for a new facility in Rockhampton gathering pace, more and more Queenslanders will have true choice when facing the challenges associated with serious illness, death, dying and bereavement and grief.

If you are interested in building or supporting a hospice in your local community – please contact Palliative Care Queensland.

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