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Corporate Membership

Corporate membership is open to companies interested in fostering the improvement of palliative care in Queensland through financial support of Palliative Care Queensland.

Most commonly, corporate members will be public or private corporate sector entities with an interest in supporting palliative care e.g. pharmaceutical companies, banks, professional firms.

Corporate member services include:

  • Link from Palliative Care Queensland website to corporate member website
  • Logo printed on the reverse side of Palliative Care Queensland’s brochure, newsletters, annual report and website
  • Acknowledgement of membership in the annual report
  • Ability to include advertorials in Palliative Care Queensland newsletters (conditional)
  • Ability to individually sponsor educational activities
  • Networking with other members
  • Automatic addition to Palliative Care Australia mail list

Annual membership fee for this category $1000.

To join as an corporate member of PCQ, please click link below:

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