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Bassam's Story

Bassam shares his story about being diagnosed with terminal cancer and his experience with palliative care. After being told the cancer was incurable, Bassam tried different medical trials to ease his pain and discomfort with no luck. Bassam chose to access palliative care to manage his emotional and physical needs. His pain eased and he was able to live a normal life at home with the help of palliative care. Palliative care gave him comfort and support throughout the rest of his life. Palliative Care Australia is very thankful for Bassam and his family for sharing their story.


Joseph's Story

Joseph Stewart loves music, people and nothing better than bouncing over the rough edges of his family property in Ballarat in his wheelchair. Like most seven year olds he is curious about the world around him and eager to explore it. This film tells his and his family’s story of working with palliative care teams who provide ongoing support to them. Fiona Stewart, Joseph’s mum, describes palliative care as their ‘safety net’. The family has accessed sibling support, respite care and Mum’s pamper days, as well as support to prepare advanced care plans. Joseph’s Story reminds us that paediatric palliative care is long-term care with support for the whole family – sometimes lasting from birth to 18 years.
Palliative Care Australia is very grateful to the Stewarts for allowing us to share their story.


Marmaduke’s Story

Marmaduke’s Story relates the palliative care journey of one family caring for their young son at home with the help of palliative care community support. Marmaduke’s story is inevitably very sad, as is every loss of a young child, but the strength of his family in caring for him and making the most of his short time with them is truly inspiring. Palliative Care Australia is very grateful to them for allowing us to share their story.

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