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Consumer Feedback

Consumer Feedback

PCQ has developed a formal process for gathering information and feedback from its consumers about its performance. This also includes the capacity for consumers to make a formal complaint.

Feedback from consumers provides PCQ with valuable data in relation to the organisation’s performance, or the performance of PCQ employees or volunteers. All consumer feedback is valued by the organisation. Whether positive or negative, feedback enables PCQ to acknowledge and build upon both strengths and deficits.

PCQ acknowledges that it’s consumers are best placed both to determine it’s performance and to recommend modifications or changes in relation to service delivery, operations or strategic planning. 

It is only important for PCQ to obtain identifying information about the person providing feedback, if the feedback is in the form of a complaint, as it is important that PCQ is able to contact the complainant directly. For this reason, a name, address and contact telephone number is required for all complaints to be processed.

If you would like to comment on any aspect of PCQ’s performance, please download and complete a consumer feedback form.

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