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Commitments Welcomed, But More is Required to Provide Access for All Queenslanders

Palliative Care Queensland welcomes the start of discussions with Queensland Labor about commitments to improving palliative care for all Queenslanders but notes it falls significantly short of the identified need.

Palliative Care Queensland has welcomed the start of discussions regarding election commitments with Queensland Labor following their announcement today of $28.5 million per year ($171 million over six years) in additional funding for palliative care services and support across Queensland, however, notes that this falls dramatically short of the identified need of $275 million per year in additional funding.

CEO Shyla Mills welcomed the commencement of discussions about palliative care reform and commitments from different parties in the build-up to the election “The parliamentary inquiry into palliative and end of life care and work undertaken by Palliative Care Queensland and our partners, highlighted many challenges Queenslanders face in accessing palliative care when and where they need it. An additional $28.5 million per year will improve the sector, but it does fall significantly short of being able to provide universal access to care for all Queenslanders,” said Ms Mills.

The peak body, in partnership with Australian Medical Association Queensland and representatives from the Queensland Specialist Palliative Care Medical Directors’ Group, recently launched its election wish list, calling for $275 million in additional funding for the sector.

“To provide all Queenslanders with universal access to palliative care services, the sector requires an additional $275 million per year in funding from the state’s $19 billion health budget. In simple terms that is $53 for every Queenslander per year or the equivalent of one cup of coffee per person a month; a small investment to meet a universal need and address a human right. Today’s funding announcement will go towards addressing the inquiry’s recommendations and meeting the sector’s goals of ensuring that every Queensland has access to palliative care and networks of support when approaching their end of life, but much more is required if we are truly going to see improvements,” said Ms Mills.

The announcement will see targeted funding to support the employment of front line staff, and community-based services, enhancement of digital and telehealth as well as support for health professionals.

“We are delighted that palliative care is noted as an important area for Queensland Labor. We are ready to continue discussions with the Labor government to identify further opportunities to drive necessary reform and ensure improved care and services for all Queenslanders.”

“We encourage all parties to make commitments to the palliative care sector so that on October 31, Queenslanders have certainty that the next state government will begin work on creating a palliative care system that aims to meet the needs of every Queenslander regardless of age or postcode,” said Ms Mills.

Download Palliative Care Queensland’s Requirements for New Investment in Palliative Care HERE

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