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Sharing Compliments or Complaints

Receiving feedback is an important aspect for health providers improve the quality of care they provide

Palliative Care Queensland promotes the provision of end of life care that is client centered, evidence based, and consistent with Palliative Care Australia's Standards for providing quality palliative care for all Australians. When care is provided using these principles, it is far more likely that patients will experience comfortable dignified deaths, leading to patients and families experiencing quality of life during their remaining valuable time.

In some instances, care provided to patients and families at the end of life does not meet the immediate needs of all involved, a situation that can lead patients, families or carers to feel powerless and uncertain. In these situations, it is imperative that you approach your treating team as soon as possible to voice your concerns.

In instances where you are unsatisfied with the treatment provided by your healthcare team, or you have voiced your concerns to your treating team and you are not satisfied with their response, a formal complaints process can be employed by the treating hospital or organisation. Ask to speak with the patient liaison officer about your concerns, or contact the organisation's management directly to enquire about its complaints handling process.

If you have made a complaint using appropriate channels and remain unsatisfied with the care that is being provided or the response to your complaint, you may also contact the Office of the Health Ombudsman for further assistance. 

Alternatively you may wish to share a positive experience, this can be done through the same way, alternatively you can contact Palliative Care Queensland directly and we can pass it onto the health provider.

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