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Our Mission & Role

Palliative Care Queensland's mission is to aim to ensure that every person who dies in Queensland experiences quality at the end of life.

Our Mission: "Quality care at the end of life for all."

To influence, foster and promote quality of care for all.

PCQ's principal roles:

  • To improve awareness and understanding of palliative care in the general community;
  • To influence the development of public policy in relation to death, dying and end of life;
  • To support the professionals and volunteers who provide palliative care;
  • To provide health professional education;
  • To develop and distribute palliative care educational resources;
  • To provide information, support and advocacy to people affected by terminal illnesses, and
  • To provide support and professional representation to Palliative Care Queensland members.

2017-2021 Strategic Focus Areas

    • You Matter: 
      We will provide relevant up to date information about palliative care to the individuals with a life-limiting condition and their carers

    • Your Community Matters:
      We will build supportive networks around people at the end of life

    • Your Care Matters:
      We will support Queensland services who are delivering end of life care to provide coordinated quality care and have staff who are well prepared to provide quality care

    • Your Government Systems and Policies Matter:
      We will be recognised as the pre-eminent voice of the end of life sector in Queensland and advocate on behalf of all stakeholders

    • Your PCQ Matters:
      We will ensure our association has long-term sustainability to give you the confidence that our work will continue

      For further information about Palliative Care Queensland’s strategy, please refer to the
      Palliative Care Queensland – Strategic Plan 2017 – 2021

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