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Understanding Loss
A Guide for Caring for Those Facing Adversity

Understanding Loss

September 2015

Judith Murray has a joint appointment as Associate Professor in Counselling and Counselling Psychology in the School of Psychology and the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Work, The University of Queensland. She also holds a part-time position as a Registered Nurse in Haematology and Oncology at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane.

Part 1: Introduction
1. Introduction
2. Respect
Part 2: Understanding
3. Grief and Grieving
4. Making the Picture of Grieving Three Dimensional
5. Loss Amongst Loss
6. The Integration of Loss
7. The Individuality of Loss
8. Taking our Knowledge into Practice
Part 3: Enablement: Taking Our Understanding into Practice
9. Moving into Practice: Safety is the Key
10. Let's Move on to Enablement
11. Thinking More Formally About Care: Principles to Guide Care
12. Thinking about Enablement Using the Ten Questions of Loss Framework

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